How parents most influence behavior Essay

How did your parents most influence your behavior growing up? Was it through classical conditioning? What about operant conditioning and social learning theory? Which theory had the biggest impact? Why? Give an example and state how it has impacted the person you are today. Make sure to briefly define what the type of conditioning is and cite the text (unless you invented: Classical, Operant or Social Learning theory). Try to use the terms the textbook authors use. If someone does not use a term or uses it incorrectly, feel free to tactfully correct them (they will need to know these terms for the upcoming Online Quizzes) (1st post) Classical conditioning is learning that occurs when a neutral stimulus becomes paired with an unconditioned stimulus to elicit a conditioned response (Carpenter &Huffman, 2010, p. 144). Operant conditioning is learning in which voluntary responses are controlled by their consequences (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010, p. 49). My parents influenced me best by operant conditioning. When I did well and work hard on something they used reinforcement; a consequence that strengthens a response and makes it more likely to recur (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010, p. 149) to encourage me to keep doing well. When I did something I wasn’t supposed to do or just straight out misbehaved they used punishment; a consequence that weakens a response and makes it less likely to recur (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010, p. 49) to get me to act right and do what I was supposed to do. (2nd Q) Give the text definition of what “negative reinforcement” is in Operant conditioning (cite the textbook APA style). Differentiate it from punishment. If you can, give an example of negative reinforcement in your own life. (Hint: most people don’t have a clue of what negative reinforcement is). Feel free to correct students who make cognitive errors in a response post where you correct them and cite the correct text passage to back you up). I will be lurking in the background to keep everyone on track (2nd post) Negative reinforcement takes away (–) and strengthens behavior (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010, p. 150). Negative punishment is the taking away (–) of a reinforcing stimulus, which decreases (or weakens) the likelihood of the response occurring again behavior (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010, p. 153). The two concepts are actually completely opposite. Reinforcement (either positive or negative) strengthens a behavior, where as punishment weakens a behavior (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010, p. 152). The best example I can think of how my parents used negative reinforcement on me was if I made all A’s on my report card I didn’t have to do my chores for a research paper online week. (3rd post) This video explains difference between operant conditioning & observational learning. This video give a good definition in the difference of the two and better understand them.


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